Thursday, December 2, 2010

Survived my first month..and a half

Its been a rough start to say the least.  Overwhelming to step into other teachers' classrooms and (in some cases) expected to pull out a child you don't know or have a rapport with.  Advice: Be strong in your stance of getting to know the child in his natural environment, i.e. his classroom setting.  You won't learn much about how the child functions regularly through pull out sessions, although that is what some classroom teachers would prefer.  Don't get me wrong, 1:1 sessions are a must to address some cognitive and conceptual goals but they should not be the only thing SEITs are expected to do.  The overall goal is not to have the child dependent on you for everything, but to have him or her function successfully and independently.

Next post: the importance of buying the right supplies.  I'll make some recommendations of what works wonders and what NOT to waste your hard earned money on.


  1. I am "patiently" waiting to get on some cases for my first year as a SEIT. I just found your blog and appreciate your advice! Thanks!